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I’我说这有几个原因:一,我’我对教学策略和教育研究感到有些疲倦。一世’m preparing to take a month off from blogging 和 sharing this story seems like a 好 way to go out. I’ll get back to all 的really important stuff soon, but for now I’m just going to tell a little story about a moment in my teaching career that has always stuck with me, 和 has probably also stuck with 的students who sat in my classroom that day.

I’m also telling it because it might be worth more than a quick laugh. I think at least two valuable lessons about teaching might be buried inside it, so after I tell 的story, I’m going to see 什么 nuggets of wisdom I can extract from it.

最后我’我说这是因为’s inappropriate. A few weeks ago, a reader emailed me to inform me that she was going to stop sharing my 文章s with her pre-service teachers until I got more serious about referencing real research in my posts, instead of 的fluff I’我现在把它们作为基础。 

那 email made me take a 好 hard look at my body of work, 和 I realized it’s been a while since I wrote something truly 起毛y, something that didn’t even 假装 to be research-based. I decided I was long overdue for some 起毛. 

世界上到处都是认真的学者,他们多年来致力于学习如何进行,消费和传播高质量的研究。一世’m grateful to these people for 的work they do, 和 I try to help them get 的word out about 什么 they’re learning. 

但是我不是其中之一。我希望我’ve never given 的impression that I’m trying to pass myself off as belonging in their ranks. I am something else, someone who tries to stand in 的space between 的serious academics 和 的people on 的ground, grinding out 的teaching work day after day. I’m trying to build bridges in that space. My building materials are practical advice, 的wisdom of academics 和 practicing teachers, 和 clear, simple language. And—in equal measure—slang 和 humor 和 cussing 和 stories, some of them stories of times when I made bad decisions 和 wasn’t a 好 role model.  




这是一个荣誉班,七年级学生。 “Gifted 和 talented” language arts. They were pretty well-behaved 孩子们. They took themselves 和 their work as seriously as 13-year-olds could. Not that 的class was all business; they goofed around some, didn’就像那个年龄的孩子一样,总是做正确的事情,应酬,害怕和抱怨。但总的来说,这是一个易于合作的团队。

One day they had a test to take. This was around February or March, by which time I had gotten to know them pretty well 和 we had a routine down. I have zero memory of 什么 的test was over; that’s not important.

只要想象他们都坐在他们的书桌上。其中约30个。排成一排,削铅笔,进行测试,我们大约花了四分钟,到那时,每个人都完全安定下来。一世’d sat back down at my desk, which faced them from 的front corner of 的room, 和 I was starting to go through some sort of paperwork or grading or 什么ever. My heart rate had settled into a nice slow rhythm, my breathing was nice 和 steady, 和 I was just enjoying one of those rare, peaceful moments when all of my students were, all at once, quiet 和 busy. Doing 什么 they were supposed to do.

The calm was so strong that it pulled me away from 什么 I was planning to do 和 instead I watched them while they worked, gripping their pencils, some biting 的edges of their lips ever so slightly, a few glancing at 的ceiling while they considered their answers. Some had their feet up on 的book racks of 的desks in front of them. Others bounced a leg or wiggled a pencil. 

在这些时刻,当没有态度时,我没有问题’d already answered four times, no complaints about 的day’s activity, I was able to just look at them 和 love them. Love them for showing up, for sitting in those desks willingly 和 going along with 什么ever I had planned without giving me a fight. It was a level of trust we’所有人都达成了一个不言而喻的协议,他们将来到这里,让我教他们一些东西,然后他们’d尽力做好工作。 

正是在这些时候,我不再将它们视为一大团生物,其唯一任务是给我更多的工作和加倍的努力,而我只能将它们视为珍贵的个人。那时我没有’t have 孩子们 of my own, but now I recognize this feeling as 的same as when my 孩子们 were napping, when all 的craziness of trying to parent them slowed all 的way down 和 I could just take in their pure essence.

So I was having one of those moments. 您 with me so far?

I could have just enjoyed it. I could have simply taken a deep, cleansing breath, noted 的presence of bliss, 和 carried on with my grading. 

但是我身上发生了什么。我不’t know 什么 it was, but suddenly I kind of wanted to mess with them. To surprise them, I guess. I don’t know. Call it crazy or call it a moment of raging immaturity; I was just overcome with a desire to make a really loud 屁 noise right in 中间 of all that beautiful peace 和 quiet. 

以便’s 什么 I did.


The next few seconds were a thing of beauty. All thirty of them jerked their heads up at once 和 stared at me, mouths wide open, incredulous. And for just a moment 的air was still while they tried to process 什么 的heck had just happened. I looked back at them, paused for a second, then burst out laughing. Then they did 的same. 然后我们歇斯底里。

After that it was complete mayhem. We laughed for about two solid minutes without any breaks. Then 的hysterics turned into chatter, with 的孩子们 telling me they couldn’t believe I did that, asking me why, 和 comparing reactions with one another, retelling 的events that had literally just taken place. 

最后, 的room calmed down 和 I told them to get back to their tests. Turns out it wasn’不会那么容易。当事情变得几乎安静时,有人会轻轻地打喷嚏,这会引起咯咯的笑声,我们’d全部重新堆入。 最后,大约十分钟后,他们都回到了测试中。更多的小笑声升起,但是我们能够压制它们。他们中的一些人会抬头看着我,摇摇头,好像在说,“You’re frickin’坚果,你知道吗?”,然后再返回测试。

Once class was over, other students approached me—kids from other classes—to confirm 的story 和 see if I was going to do 的same thing in their class, too, but I said no. It would be too expected, I said. The element of surprise was gone. 

The next day 和 a few more times throughout 的year, we would re-live 的moment again: Someone would remember it, they’d ask me to retell 的story, to imitate 的way they looked right after I made 的sound, 和 we’d全部重新破裂。

那’s pretty much it. 



Now. Here are 的two things I learned: 

First, I learned 的hard lesson that if I am 的one who disrupts class, it’s going to be a thousand times harder to get my 孩子们 back on track than if one of them did it. Way, waaaay harder. 那 moment was hilarious; it’这是我最喜欢的教学记忆之一。但它’无法上课。如果我’m trying to set a tone of seriousness in my room, if I actually get them all on 的same page for once 和 I manage to create an environment in which 他们可以全神贯注, 一世’m an idiot if I go 和 mess that up. I also completely destroy my own credibility when 的time comes to redirect behavior; I can’t very well reprimand someone for making obnoxious body 噪音 if I literally just did it myself.


但是-这是第二课-有时’做一件荒谬的事是完全值得的,尤其是如果您’re doing it for 的sake of bringing joy into people’生命,甚至自己的生命,只需要几分钟。

这是我想讲的另一个故事,一个似乎无关的故事。对我来说’是我的连接线程’ll try to explain.


2012年,我上网寻找我的一个老朋友Debra,他在90年代初在宾夕法尼亚州立大学读本科时曾是我的教学方法讲师之一’s. Deb was my favorite college professor, not because of 什么 she’d教了我有关英语教学的知识,但是因为她是谁。她让我们笑了起来,向我们讲述了她的生活,邀请我们在她的公寓里吃晚餐,与我们分享了诚实的,未经修饰的真理,这些事情不仅是关于成为一名老师,还是关于成为一个妻子,一个女人,一个朋友,一个体面,完全活着的人。在师父工作期间,她仅在宾夕法尼亚州立大学呆了几年’学位其余的时间她都住在纽约市,我认为那是令人难以置信的迷人。 

黛布拉·施密特(Debra Schmitt)
黛布拉·施密特(Debra Schmitt)

毕业后,黛布(Deb)邀请我去曼哈顿探望她,在那里度过了一个美好的周末,穿越她在切尔西(Chelsea)社区,在食客中吃饭,看电影,看她在斯图文森特高中(Stuyvesant High School)教书,并且通常在她的轨道上待了48小时。这些年来我们写信,她’d recommend books, send bits of poetry, share small slices of her life. Eventually we lost touch, but when I became a teacher I felt her influence 的strongest, felt myself channeling her honesty, her sense of humor, her sense of fun. She definitely would have approved of me making that 屁 sound, if for no other reason than to see 的looks on 的孩子们’ faces.

When I looked for Debra online in 2012, 什么 I found was an obituary. She had committed suicide 的year before. She’d written “Thank you everyone” on 的board in her classroom, left her keys on her desk, drove home, swallowed a bunch of pills, then walked into 的creek behind her California home. She was 53. 

说我很震惊是轻描淡写。她不仅是一个充满创造力和热情的人-一个被认识她的人形容为 旋风, 一种 最令人愉快的原始人, 聪明,戏剧,笨拙,非常有趣和鲁re-但她也没有’不要胡扯。她忍受了 没有人’s B.S.所以’s hard, 和 more than a little devastating, to imagine 的level of depression she must have been experiencing to give up 的fight 和 actually succumb to it.

知道黛布拉’在地球上的时光以如此悲惨的方式结束了,这使她的生活对我而言更加珍贵。它使每个人’s life more precious to me. We really have no idea 什么 other people are struggling with, 的pain 和 loneliness 和 despair that might be making life unbearable. We may never know until it’s too late. 

但是我们现在有。每天我们都有 马上: We gather in groups inside buildings 和 classrooms 和 we get to decide 什么 to do with that time. It’是一项不可思议的特权,一个巨大的机会。作为教育者,我们不仅仅是信息传递系统。当我们每天与学生们聚在一起时,我们所做的不只是 教他们一些东西。我们’再也在一起。 

One of 的things that makes humans so unique, so different from other species, is our ability to experience joy. And one of 的best manifestations of joy is laughter. The kind of laughter that surprises us 和 bonds us 和 melts our anxiety. Laughter that takes us away from 的have-to’s 和 must-do’并提醒我们’生活不仅仅是生产力和成就。笑声让我们无论如何都感到几分钟’re not alone. 

Making that stupid 屁 sound is not even 的most inappropriate thing I did in class that year. I saved one more for 的last day of school. Maybe someday, if I find I’m running short on 起毛, I’告诉你。 


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  1. 唐娜·史塔克(Donna Stark) 说:

    您r blog is something I look forward to each week! THANK YOU for 的powerful reminders in this post.

  2. 朱莉·耶格勒 说:

    “We really have no idea 什么 other people are struggling with” has been 的theme of my school year so far. I have learned things about my students 和 colleagues that have blown my mind 和 made my heart ache for them. To think that they come to school every day 和 put on their game face…Thank you for this bit of 起毛. It was just 什么 I needed.

  3. 鲍勃·费勒 说:

    One of 的most valuable things I learned at a workshop, from a now dear friend, is that we need to be a little bit goofy; to show 孩子们 that we are human just as they are. Thanks for sharing your story!

    • 约瑟夫·皮特曼 说:

      I look forward to reading your blog posts. As a new teacher they provide me with guidance, inspiration 和 moments of laughter. The classroom should be a place where we can be ourselves. Be goofy at times 和 show our students that we are human. For some of these 孩子们, a lot of mine for sure, we are 的person they enjoy seeing every day or they can talk to.

      Keep doing 什么 you are doing.

    • 我今年休假的原因之一(除了专注于我自己的三个孩子)是为了反思我对我们的职业的爱与恨。愚蠢的讲故事和实地考察是我最喜欢的时间。对我而言,工作是次要的,因为我教给那些有很多学校焦虑的学生,并对自己的成绩施加了足够的压力。而且我教的时间越长(11年),我对成绩的关心就越少,而对成绩的关心就越多。我什至没有上一季的无年级教室。 (我宣布休假,所以管理员已经放弃了我;)仅仅关心进步,故事和人,这是光荣的。我意识到尝试关心工作(成绩,会议,责任心,专业发展-尽管我喜欢这份工作,安排日程,推动工作),同时也关心所服务的学生使我精疲力尽。如果和当我回去的时候,我会减少自己在教室里做的有趣事情的懈怠。我总是觉得自己不像一个老师,因为人际关系对我来说至关重要。但是,这可能是孩子们每年回访的原因。也许这种联系是成为老师最重要的部分。谢谢你的故事。

      • 马德琳 说:

        I 100% that connection is 的most important part of being a teacher. Without it, 的material you have to teach just won’t reach 的students like it should. With a connection, they feel seen 和 appreciated.

        • 凯伦·贝克(Karen Baker) 说:

          I’ll admit, I never looked at whether your research was “real” or “fluff.” All I know is that 什么 you provided was from teachers in 的field, 和 的ideas were truly inspiring. I also hope you know that I enjoy your 文章s, podcasts, 和 referrals. 谢谢 for your valuable resources.

          • 诺埃尔·李瑞 说:

            I think you would agree that your experience 和 your narrative is not 起毛 when you place it into 的context of case studies, ethnographies, 和 phenomenologies. There is a richness 和 aesthetic appeal which has 的capacity to transform hearts 和 minds. 谢谢 for your narrative, 和 thank you for 的noise or “noises” you make.

  4. 您r blog 和 your 文章s provide a wealth of information to everyone who truly wants to enhance education. I look forward to reading your 文章s 和 am even taking 的online course you created. 谢谢 for doing 什么 you do 和 sharing your research 和 knowledge! I look forward to hearing from you again in a month. Take care!

  5. 伊丽莎白·法拉(Elizabeth Farrar) 说:


    It’s 好 for me to read this.


  6. 说:

    I love this story! We are on trimesters at my school , so our final exams are happening 马上. I have seniors for Humanities Literature, 和 they’ve been working on a scene analysis for Paris is Burning as their final project -everything leading up to this has been emotionally heavy reading. As a joke, I told my 2nd hour that I hoped they were ready for an exam on ALL of 的reading for 的trimester, 和 one girl just started laughing manically with a look of “omgfml” plastered on her face. We laughed together (about half 的class once they figured out 什么 was happening) for at least three solid minutes in solidarity of feeling overwhelmed 和 how ridiculous, but not unimaginable, a change like that for 的final would be. Yes, we should take our subjects seriously, but never ourselves.

  7. 汤姆·贾加德 说:

    I love your work! It does just 什么 you intend … it bridges 的gap between 的serious researchers 和 those of us in 的classroom trying to keep it real. I especially love today’s story. It made me laugh 和 cry at 的same time. It reminded me why I enjoy teaching middle school so much —我有机会感动我的学生’ lives in so many important ways. What an honor, a privilege, 和 an awesome responsibility. Keep up 的great work!!!

  8. 丽贝卡H. 说:

    感谢您分享这个。我的意思是 – about both stories. Sometimes, we have to just be regular old humans 和 do something a bit silly or unexpected. It’s 好 for 的soul! And laughter is a huge reliever of stress, giver of endorphins, 和 creator of bonds. I say “Huzzah!” to some really 好 起毛!

    On a more serious note, first, I must express my sadness 和 sympathies at 的loss of such an influential friend 和 mentor. While time has passed since she committed suicide, grief doesn’t just disappear. Especially with such unexpected type of loss… It is a poignant reminder that we cannot know 什么 battles anyone faces, but it also keeps us mindful that small points of connection (like 屁 噪音 during a test) may help someone through a rough spot or encourage them to reach out for support. 谢谢 for all you do – 的fluff 和 的serious stuff both:)

  9. 坎米·琼斯(Cammie Jones) 说:

    谢谢 for this. I do my best to live by these words in my professional life as an educator: Remember Joy. Stay 的Course. There are so many joy crushing elements of public education these days 和 when these get me down, I remind myself I´m working with small humans who deserve joyful moments at school. Thanks for knowing that this truth is just as important as any research-based instructional strategies.

  10. 克莱尔 说:

    Academics? Schmacademics. Thanks, 仁nifer, for that funny 和 moving post. 您’让我既大声笑又哭。它’s在困难的星期一之前的星期日’对我有很大帮助。请快点回来。

  11. 夏季 说:

    谢谢 for this post! I love all your posts, but this one hit my heart. I run a very tight ship.. a tough 10th grade English class. My 孩子们 work hard, hate me 和 love me 和 think I’m insane. We write 10 page literary research papers, I don’t accept late work, we have hard random quizzes aaaaaand we do 的cha-cha slide, push up contests 和 funny face games. Sometimes I dress up in weird outfits to teach my class (like 的wise sage in a hooded robe for our heroes journey unit). 您’re right— these are 的true moments of teaching. It teaches them something invaluable— that you’re a human like them. 那 you’re weird too. Don’t we need so much more of that in world, especially with adolescents, especially now?!

    All 的love,


  12. 大“fluff”这很有趣,令人感动,并且很能提醒我们分享我们自己的乐趣和重要性“art of teaching” is with students/people. This piece made me laugh out loud, reflect on my classroom relationships 和 mourn/appreciate your friend Debra for 什么 she brought to your world, as well as remind me of those in my life who did 的same. I seldom post replies, but was compelled by your motivation for writing it 和 to commend you on your talent for “telling your story”以一种容易让我形象化的方式绒毛令人安慰。

    • [站起来鼓掌。]

      1. My condolences on 的loss of your mentor 和 friend. 您r friend should have had more days, but from 什么 you shared made a lot out of 的ones she had. We live everyday 和 die once. Live your days to 的fullest. Enjoy your break.

      2. Teachers are human. Teachers are also professional. If a doctor made a 屁 sound to make my daughter laugh 和 feel more comfortable, I wouldn’t think any less of her/him, but would be grateful for 的connection. I agree with 的power of laughter.

      (A person who still laughs at 屁 jokes AND a science teacher that shares about teaching science, STEM/STEAM, 和 inquiry learning.)

  13. 香特尔·金普顿 说:


  14. 梅赛德斯 说:

    Love your story. I am sure your students will remember some of your lessons but they will definitely remember 的屁. In that moment you all connected at a different level 和 that’s just beautiful.
    I like doing stuff like that. I know managing 的classroom is important but we all some time have to shake it off 和 laugh. Thanks for sharing.

  15. 说:

    What a perfect story! Those kiddos will remember that 屁 sound 和 that joy in 的best way forever. 谢谢 for sharing.

  16. 凯茜 说:

    I love 和 learn so much from all of 的blogs you write. 谢谢 for standing in that place between serious-researchy-academia 和 gritty-in-the-classroom-real-life. But this may be my favorite thing you’ve ever written. 谢谢 for sharing that moment of laughter 和 joy. 谢谢 for sharing Debra. 谢谢 for sharing your lessons. Take some 好 time away 和 come back soon. We need you.

  17. 琳达·斯坦福 说:


  18. 唐娜 说:

    这可能是我最喜欢的帖子!我在看书时眼中含泪。说到它,这些时刻会与我们的学生建立联系,并有可能持续一生。让我想起了我告诉四年级学生得到他们的时间“math shit”出来(我的意思是说数学表)。他们笑了又笑了,直到年底仍在笑。感谢您与我们分享一切…the “fluff,” 😉 的serious stuff, 的teaching tips 和 practices, 和 your heart. I’对不起你的教授’悲惨的死亡。您肯定每周都会通过此博客尊重她的精神和灵魂。

  19. 崔西·巴里·乌兹格 说:


  20. 谢丽尔·莫罗(Cheryl Morrow) 说:

    In celebration of 的Royal wedding in 2011 (William 和 Kate), I opened my hermetically-sealed wedding dress from 1982 featuring Lady Diana sleeves. My veil covered up 什么 I couldn’t zip; my bridesmaid-students 和 I laughed through every class. My three sons were mortified. We should take our content seriously, but enjoy 的ride with teenagers.

  21. I love that story! I greatly enjoy messing with my 7th graders; I do it all 的time. Open your books to page 23. Read silently p23 – 576. (Wait for it). Mr. C, 的book only has 240 pages. I know, I’m messing with you! Mess with them they enjoy it 和 you will too!!!

  22. 黛安·哈默(Diane Hammer) 说:

    谢谢 so much for this post! This is a hard year for educators 和 there is far to much “stuffy” 和 not enough “fluffy”. Research is awesome, but stories about finding joy in our work is even more awesome. My heart breaks for Deb 和 all those who love her. I see depression in some of 的beautiful people I work with who are far too intense 马上 in their very difficult work. Maybe we need something akin to a 屁 noise in faculty meeting next time! Enjoy a break. We will look forward to your column when you return!

  23. 琳内特 说:

    谢谢 for 的work you do. Enjoy your break off blogging. Rest 和 have fun. I really do appreciate your posts. 您 keep it real!

  24. 谢恩·布朗 说:

    I appreciate 和 look forward to your blogs. I am always looking for new ideas 和 ways to improve. I love to make my 孩子们 laugh in 的classroom but I always feel guilty for not having a more serious atmosphere. Thanks for sharing this, it made me laugh! Thanks for this 起毛, it was one of 的most valuable blogs for me!

  25. 玛丽 说:


  26. 马辛 说:


  27. 艾莎·塞尔图格(Aisha S Ertugrul) 说:


  28. 卡西 说:

    仁nifer, thank you for your dedication to helping educators be 的best teachers possible. I look forward to your posts each week. I am a better teacher because of your wisdom.

    I admire 的gracious way you handled 的negativity of 的one follower. I hope you don’不要给它太多的精神能量。


  29. 阿黛尔·雷默(Adele Raemer) 说:

    对此感激不尽。我们始终需要找到一些方式来减轻自己的重视。我是这里医院的志愿者医疗小丑,所以我知道。我很感谢你的愚蠢。作为自杀幸存者,我本人也非常感谢您有关黛博拉的故事。我特别感谢您的话:“每天我们都有权利”。享受您的休假和假期– 和 always share 的fluff.

  30. 大卫 说:

    您r take on teaching is so refreshing, stripped-down 和 real. I wish more administrators had this practical understanding 和 didn’t take themselves 和 others so damn serious all 的time. Thanks!

  31. 克里斯汀·拉贝(Christine Rabe) 说:

    谢谢 for this. Loved it 和 also just lost a beautiful person in my life to suicide that shocked me. Good reminder to share love, give love, 和 be grateful. 大way to start Thanksgiving Week! 🦃🦃🦃

  32. 说:

    Didn’t know you were a Penn Stater! I was there from 93-97. Education major. I’m now wondering about this woman you mentioned. Her name sounds familiar. I’m so sorry to hear 什么 happened to her. Depression is a terrible monster. I had a couple professors that I loved there. Dan Marshall was my advisor. Another neat human. I love this post. Farting is one of thiose things that helps determine if a person is one of “your people” or not. Will they laugh or be disgusted? Perhaps this is why I teach children. They always laugh:)

  33. 香农 说:

    Love 的fluff; love 的serious stuff. Keep it coming. 🙂

  34. 朱迪·弗里曼(Judi Freeman) 说:

    This was 的best blog entry ever. And a wonderful reminder why I value 的weekly e-mails from you, 仁nifer. And 好 grief, research? I wonder 什么 is up with that. Sometimes I think that those who can’t teach do research. And 的teachers who research: they indulge in content, not in dry, dull, non-anecdotal data. 谢谢 for this great reminder of why teaching 和 schools are/should be human, first 和 foremost.

  35. 旋律 说:

    我喜欢这篇文章的一切– thank you, thank you! This is why I resist 的migration to teaching more online college courses. Because there is something precious about being together in a room, holding space. Thanks for all you do here.

  36. 特蕾西 说:


  37. I loved this post, both for 的laugh I had at your “inappropriate” 屁ing noise in class 和 for 的implications of 什么 it means not to take ourselves so seriously all 的time (here’s a nod to 的email you received). I laughed because I’ve been known to rile up my students for no reason other than to get us all to have a 好 laugh. The value of a 好 laugh can never be underestimated. Also, as I read 和 think about 的importance of joy in learning 和 how that helps all of us feel a little less lonely, we need to infuse our classrooms with happiness, even if it may be deemed silly by others. I think this is important to remember.

  38. 林赛·路耶(Lindsay Luetje) 说:

    爱它。一世’今年17岁。资深的8年级英语老师转为学生系主任。我觉得自己在读自己的故事。我完全可以感觉到焦点,咯咯的笑声以及事后寻找镇定的努力。作为院长,我发现融入其中很有趣“poop” or “fart”参加教师会议,吸引人’s attention 和 lightens some too heavy moods. 关于 12 years ago I started sitting in on interviews. I proposed then 和 am still fighting to have 的first question be: Do you think 屁s are funny? I mean, come on…我们教中学!我不’甚至不需要听他们的回答;候选人’面部表情会告诉我所有关于他们将来在以下方面的成功的信息“the middle”。 Fluff /研究过的帖子对我总是很重要。一世’感谢与这个邪教建立联系。

  39. We know 的best research is in 的classroom, with 的students. 您r advice 和 stories are much appreciated, 和 our ELA department loves your posts. All teachers, especially middle school teachers, need to have some 起毛 to remind Ss, 和 ourselves, just not to take things SO seriously. 谢谢, 仁, for all that you do:)

  40. 埃利·帕尔贡(Eli Palgon) 说:

    谢谢 for not being an academic. 谢谢 for helping us use 什么 they learn about teaching. And thank you for writing in English 和 not in Journal.

  41. 谢丽尔 说:

    您 are awesome! Thanks for all you do. Keep it coming, 起毛 和 all!

  42. 舍里 说:

    感谢您对这篇文章!你以一种美丽的方式证实了我’ve always believed 和 tried to live by-that among all of 的responsibilities we have as teachers, one of 的most important is to be sure we bring joy to 的lives of others. Establishing that connection makes everything else meaningful. Happy Thanksgiving!

  43. 帕梅拉·科尔(Pamela Cole) 说:

    The title was 的catch. I wanted to listen to 的podcast to hear 什么 happened. I laughed 和 cried. I am at an age to retire but just love 的feeling of touching my high school student’s lives. (I hope for 的好 😃) Keep 的podcasts coming!

  44. 安娜贝尔 说:

    Today, I am amused but also deeply moved by your stories. Thanks for writing about this 和 for all 的hard work you do to share your knowledge 和 wisdom.

  45. 玛丽·金 说:

    Wonderful post!! 🙌 This is why I keep coming back for more!! 您 always have a way of putting things in perspective!!

  46. 戴恩·麦卡锡·克拉克(Dyan McCarthy-Clark) 说:


    也谢谢你“fluff” story. It is important for educators to realize that, although our profession is very serious, complex 和 demanding, 的first 和 foremost goal should be making positive, lasting connections with our students. The chance to share a real, heartfelt, memorable laugh with your students is precious 和 rare. Seize 的opportunity 和 create a bond that may last long after 的student leaves your classroom!

  47. 唐·怀斯 说:

    I truly appreciate all of 什么 you give to us. As a professor, I well know that often dry 和 complicated research findings have to be translated to those on 的ground in classrooms. 您 do that exceptionally well.

  48. Love, love, loved it. I totally got 的line about loving them in that moment 的way you do your sleeping child.

    您 bonded with your 孩子们 in that moment. They will remember that at every reunion. Guaranteed. “Remember 的time Ms. Gonzales made that 屁 sound? “

    I’m so sorry about your mentor. She was my age now. At her death. After teaching for 30 years, I can understand if she wasn’t getting 的support she needed in her school. The daily drudgery can really bring you down. This is why building relationships with students 和 faculty is so important. Now, I do relationships first 和 everything else after.

    I enjoy your 起毛. I think you try to balance your posts with research, 和 you usually have 的researcher on. If you post sources in resources, that’s 好 enough for me.

    请不要’t become one of those. 您 fit a niche we need. 您 do YOU!


  49. This story is everything. 您 move us from laughter to tears–and that is 的very beauty of life. 谢谢 for sharing your story so bravely 和 with candor. Some of 的best moments of teaching are 的purest 和 rawest–they are not planned or expected. This was a moment you shared with your students, your 孩子们, 和 I’m certain it’s one you 和 your students will never forget. They may forget 的lessons you taught, but they will never forget YOU. And by 的way, for all 的haters out there, it’s not “fluff,” it’s 的stuff connections 和 relationships are made of.


  50. Wow, 仁nifer, just wow. I’ve read 和 re-read 和 saved 和 shared 和 pondered many, many of your posts over 的years but this is 的stuff of legacy. I sincerely hope you have found a way to share this post with Debra’s family. I know from personal experience after friends 和 colleagues of my dad –我不认识的一些人,甚至我从未听到过的他提到–分享死后的有趣,幽默和有影响力的故事。这是一个与众不同的药膏。

  51. 帕特西·刘易斯 说:

    I am so thankful for 教育学崇拜and 的way you approach your craft! 您 provide practical information that I can use with my preservice classes at 的collegiate level, but you were just as applicable when I was teaching in a high school English classroom.

    I have shared your ideas with others 和 tweaked many of them to fit into my eclectic style of teaching. 您 offer just enough research that I can take 的information 和 wade through 的academic muck, if I so choose, but I find that most of 的ideas are ready to implement based on 的information in 的blog.

    In a world filled with too much silly 起毛 or too much academic stuff, your approach is a perfect melding of 的two.

    If I wanted more 起毛 or stuff, I know where to look. Don’t change your approach. 您 gain readers every time you share a post. Blessings!

  52. 安娜·奥尔蒂斯(Ana Ortiz) 说:


  53. 斯威莎·梅农(Swetha Menon) 说:

    谢谢 so much for this post! I really appreciate 什么 you do 和 how your writing is so relatable 和 useful for us teachers!

  54. 林恩·霍尔科姆(Lynn Holcomb) 说:

    谢谢 for being human 和 thank you for 的chuckle. 您r posts always seem to reach out to me at 的right times.

  55. 南希 说:

    詹妮弗,这是您迄今为止最好的帖子!对于那些任职前老师来说,我觉得他们所受的仅仅是理论。在我们的业务中,人类必须是最重要的。如果我们不这样做’t place that first, then 什么 is 的point of 的rest of 的job? More than ever, 孩子们 need US. Keep on being who you are. Enjoy your time off.

  56. 娜塔莎(Natasha) 说:

    This story caught me off guard today. I did not know Debra personally, but she taught some of my former students from middle school, 和 it was from them that I learned 什么 happened. 您r story 和 hers remind me that we are not teaching a subject, we are teaching people, 和 if we are teaching people, we must show up in a human way 和 allow for those times of joy or sadness to be expressed. 谢谢 for that reminder!

  57. 梅丽莎·鲁德洛夫(Melissa Rudloff) 说:

    谢谢。您!我可以很好地与这句话联系起来… “I am something else, someone who tries to stand in 的space between 的serious academics 和 的people on 的ground, grinding out 的teaching work day after day. I’m trying to build bridges in that space.”

    像您一样,我曾穿靴子,并在公共教育领域(高中阶段的科学和数学)工作了几年,尽管您的旅程已带您通过社交媒体搭建起这些桥梁,但我的旅程却使我走了最后十二年与大学一级的职前数学和科学老师一起工作… I pour into them …是的,所有基于研究的最佳实践和教学内容知识都已映射到体验中…在成长为老师的过程中他们发展声音,自主权和主人翁感的实际经验…但我也像人类存在一样倾注每一个人…如果他们从我的课程和教练中除掉任何东西,’成为一名有效的老师的最关键和最根本的属性是,在您帮助学生成为更好的人时,重视并与他们建立关系 …

    如果我只说过一次,我已经用各种方式说了1000次…内容(您所教的内容)和教学法(您所教的方法)只是创建了您用来旅行(虽然时间很短)的交通工具(与您的交通工具一起使用)“kids”)…将生命编织到生活中比二次方程或牛顿重要得多’律法..诸如善良,爱,尊重和同理心之类的东西…我的大学生可以告诉你,我已经多次说过,尽管“good”老师(我很谦虚,但这是‘word on 的street’哈哈),如果我要从我在高中科学和数学教学的前5年或10年中选拔出最优秀和最聪明的学生并进行测验,我实际上会知道成绩会很糟糕… because “what”我教过他们正弦,余弦,脉冲星或夸克的重要性不如“what” I taught them…关于生活以及如何对待他人以及如何坚持不懈… etc, etc.

    So… gosh…我知道这很长“reply,” but I just wanted to let you know how I can so relate to you, 和 this post, 和 什么 your calling is… I definitely feel a connection! (And I find it ironic that you 和 I live in 的same geographical location…有时喝咖啡聊天会很有趣)

    谢谢 for doing 的work, building 的bridges, giving me 和 so many others such excellent resources 和 grounded perspectives on 什么 we love to do…以最纯净最美丽的形式进行教学!

  58. BJ萨顿 说:

    谢谢 so much for 的‘fluff’.
    I led a workshop with a colleague to a select group of seniors. Their reflections 和 feedback told us, weeks later, that 什么 they enjoyed 的most was that 的teachers had fun 和 made jokes 和 laughed their way through 的workshop. It wasn’t polished. It wasn’一次演讲。那是人类之间的聊天。
    从那以后,我’我把笑声欢迎到我的教室– not with 屁 噪音 –但这可能是我接下来的事情!
    Sometimes as educators we forget why we got into 的profession in 的first place.

  59. 温迪 说:

    您 nailed it! Life is full of stories 和 lessons from them. These are 的only blogs I read fully. Otherwise it’s usually a waste of my time. Just saying…

  60. 伊丽莎白 说:

    我的天啊… I love your emails.

    请不要’t keep us waiting. Share about 的end of 的school year! Please. Right away.

  61. 米歇尔·克罗默 说:

    谢谢“蓬松”…it’s just 什么 I needed today. What a simple, loving reminder that our lives are a mere breath, 和 we must savor 的moments with others in joy.

  62. 希拉里·摩尔多瓦 说:

    And for 的reminder that we never know 什么 someone else is going through, so to handle our relationships with care.

  63. 维克 说:

    What a wonderful episode! I personally love sharing your work with colleagues, including beginning teachers, because you do bridge 的gap between academia 和 的‘coal face’.

    Whenever I deliver professional development I want people to leave with a strategy or idea they can action 的next day in 的classroom 和 give them a place to look for further information- your podcasts do this beautifully.


  64. 我在一所成绩斐然的学校教八年级英语。我经常问自己,我的学生每天学习和完成多少学习。它’当我有父母甚至学生质疑他们也学到了多少东西时,这真的很难。一世’我感到内,想知道我是否做得很好。我为我的学生提供了很多与我彼此交流和联系的机会。我们讲很多故事。我们也玩很多游戏。我也教戏剧,所以我有很多有趣的活动。一世’我一直在寻找最新的教育趋势带入我的课堂。我喜欢尝试新的教学方法,因此为什么我会如此爱您的博客:)但是,所有的实验,游戏和笑声有时都会损害内容。但是,我’我一直深深地相信,与学生的关系才是最重要的,即使在内容上也是如此。感谢您撰写本文并确认,是的,笑,开心和人际关系对我们的职业至关重要。让’一直以来,一切都不再那么严重了。你真好,詹恩!

  65. 苏西 说:

    Well that person is an idiot, because you are 的best. 您 spoke at my husband’s district at 的beginning of 的year 和 I’m so mad I didn’溜进去见你。从不改变。

  66. 韦斯 说:

    您r personal voice 和 experiences make your well researched posts more enjoyable for me. Reading strictly academic write ups is tiresome. The human touch makes your work a lot more digestible.


    Thanks for all you do for 的education community!

  67. 莱蒂蒂亚·巴斯福德(Letitia Basford) 说:

    您r blog energizes me as a teacher educator! I am so grateful for 的time 和 energy you put into it. I love how accessible it is…您在调查重要主题时有多勇敢和真实。

    I hope that you never lose sight of how important it is to so many of us out there. So take a 好 break, but don’停下来!我绝对喜欢您的博客!我最喜欢的教学博客…谢谢你为我做的一切

  68. 劳拉·切尔文纳克(Laura Chervenak) 说:

    学者经常做什么 ’t understand that is as soon as they are initiated into academia, only their colleagues can understand them. They are taught to write in very inaccessible ways. They NEED people like you to make 的meat of their research accessible to practitioners.

    So thank you. 您 are 的translator that allows all that research to actually be put into use. 您 make it practical 和 usable.

  69. Kammera饭 说:

    这是我一个’m printing out an sharing with my daughter. a teacher of ELA 8th graders 和 my niece, a third grade teacher. They will so appreciate this 和 loooove it. I was also a teacher of 的gifted 7th graders 和 your story really resonated with me. I loved all 的goofiness, 和 seriousness of that group.

  70. 凯茜 说:

    您r posts motivate me to try new things, to see see things in a new light, to be a better teacher 和 person. Drown out 的noise 和 的naysayers. 您r posts are nourishment for so many. T H A N K Y O U for all you do for our teaching community. Enjoy your much deserved break.

  71. 克里斯汀·弗里曼 说:

    喜欢这个‘fluff.’ It’总是很高兴记住,成为一名教育者不仅仅是学者。

  72. 安妮塔·拉米雷斯(Anita Ramirez) 说:

    There are tons of edu blogs 和 podcasts out there these days but I quote yours most often! I love 的balance between real life 和 academic content. I’16年的教学经验,但我喜欢学习和提高自己的才能;感谢您所做的所有工作!

  73. 劳里·诺里斯(Laurie Norris) 说:

    谢谢 for translating 的research into practical information, 和 for always making it enjoyable to read. Please continue to share 的fluff, so I can laugh along with you…you are a blessing.

  74. 您 have no idea how perfect this topic was for me this week, as we received 的horrific news that we lost one of our students 的very morning I received your post. Oh how true all of your words are. In my humble opinion, absolutely none of this is mere “fluff.” 谢谢, from 的bottom of my heavy 和 tired teacher heart.

  75. 黛博拉·斯特朗(Debora Strong) 说:

    非常感谢您分享这个故事。我是那些可以’t resist being silly sometimes. Occasionally, I pay 的price of a little chaos but I’m okay with it. 那 said, I feel self-conscious about it when I think of how other teachers see me. I know that being yourself 和 showing 孩子们 you are human is important in connecting with them. 谢谢 for sharing how a little silliness brought you closer to your students.

    而且,你很棒,甚至你“fluff” is valuable.

  76. 艾伦·克莱姆 说:


  77. 格洛丽亚·卡拉斯科(Gloria Carrasco) 说:


  78. I have been both 的屁-sound-making teacher, 和 的tired one who wanted to walk into a large body of water. Simultaneously.

    It’s exhausting.

  79. 卡罗尔·伯德 说:


  80. 金伯利·贝勒斯勒(Kimberly Belleisle) 说:

    Thanks for 的FLUFF! This is exactly 的kind of stuff preserve teachers need to hear. I garentee they will learn more from 的Fluff in life than anything they are learning in their college classroom. 您 have inspired me on so many occasions 和 I believe you are amazing!

  81. 丽拉 说:

    I have had this email sitting in my inbox until now. I somehow felt that it would be a 好 read, 和 it was. I got my teaching degree at Penn State in 的’90s as well. I could totally relate to you with meeting someone (several someones) that changed my thinking 和 way of seeing 的world.


  82. 卡特里斯 说:


    These responses have been so great! I work for 仁n 和 just wanted you to know that she is seeing them, it’s just that she doesn’t have time to respond to everything individually, including 的many responses she’s gotten in private emails. 仁n is enjoying reading all 的comments 和 is so glad 的post 和 all its “fluff” has resonated with you. Thanks so much for your feedback!


  83. 张国荣 说:


  84. 凯瑟琳·伊格 说:

    I love this! 谢谢 so much for sharing 和 making me laugh out loud so unexpectedly. It was such a timely reminder not to take myself,my classes 和 life so seriously 和 focus more on 的human connections.

  85. 谢谢. We should never forget 的element of humanity in education. We aren’我们的教学内容’re teaching 孩子们 和 they are hilarious! If we can’t find 的comedy in 什么 we do every day then a break is necessary. Thanks for your ideas.

  86. 丝丝 说:

    谢谢你的故事重要的是要记住要花时间去享受生活的各个方面。教学应该很有趣’s why we chose this career path. This podcast reminded me that it should remain fun. It is easy to get caught up in 的day to day humdrum of it all, we should be sure to have fun. Laughter is 什么 helps us to connect to 的world around us, so we should laugh, smile, 和 find joy in our lives.

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