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让 me be clear: I’m not talking about moving ON, dismissing what has happened, or “getting over it.” I have seen too much heartbreak, confusion and fear this week—on both sides—to suggest we move on. I’m talking about forward motion, the work we have ahead of 我们。


Although this list is directed at teachers, I believe it’s also relevant for parents and anyone else who works with children, teens, or college students. In some places, I have provided links to good resources that can help. 如果你 have 其他 suggestions, please let me know in the comments.


If this election has taught us anything, it’s that a whole lot of us don’t trust each 其他. This division pushes us more deeply into our own corners, which only exacerbates the problem. The more we can do to make our classrooms places where real people know and trust one another, where we learn each 其他’s stories and uncover the things we have in common, the better we’ll get at embracing our differences.


Here are a few 其他 resources from this site that can help:

A 4-Part System for Getting to Know 您r Students




We have to learn new ways of talking with people who disagree with 我们。 The skills are nothing new, but so many of us are completely out of practice when it comes to thoughtful discourse. It can be taught. And we need to provide students with plenty of practice in speaking honestly about 其 opinions without being insulting.




3. Strengthen your approach to bullying, racism, and 其他 acts of hate.






With so many news outlets to choose from, it’s easy for people to pick the one that filters current events through whatever lens they like. Those outlets have done a bang-up job of pitting us against each 其他, and we need to help the next generation be less susceptible to media manipulation.

While we’re at it, we can also help kids develop a more critical eye when it comes to social media: 让’s help them practice using 其 words carefully online, to understand how 其 social media relationships shape 其 character and self-perception, and to balance the amount of time they spend on social media with 其他 pursuits.


This curriculum includes topics like information literacy, internet 安全ty, cyberbullying, digital footprints, self-image, and copyright issues. Take a look at 其 范围和顺序 浏览所有主题。

来自加拿大组织的本课程计划 MediaSmarts 让学生深入研究新闻的构成方式,并研究从语言使用到新闻报道的位置等各方面的偏见。由于该计划使用了一些特定于加拿大文化的术语,因此通过替换基于美国的内容对其进行改编将使美国学生更容易理解。


So much post-election fallout has stemmed from the fear many have that the rights of marginalized populations will be stripped away. Many 特朗普选民 insist they would not support that. We can all work toward greater equality for all human beings by incorporating more study of social justice, on our own and with our students. Earlier this year, I put together a list of 社会正义资源 供教室使用。这将是开始寻找材料的好地方。


The presidential election is important, yes, but decisions were made Tuesday night that will have a more immediate impact on the lives of our students and 其 families. Despite that, local and state races get very little attention. 让’s help our future citizens become more active participants in 其 local and state elections.




7. 努力了解与您的观点不同的人.



But what if we really made an effort to simply understand the 其他 side? To listen carefully, paraphrase what we’re hearing, ask clarifying questions, and sit with 其 reality for a moment?


我不同意。我认为这将帮助我们所有人放弃防御。这将使我们彼此之间的恐惧减少很多。这将使我们有可能真正找到共同点。在 在Medium上, Sean Blanda put it this way: “As any debate club veteran knows, if you can’t make your opponent’s point for them, you don’t truly grasp the issue. We can bemoan political gridlock and a divisive media all we want. But we 韩元’t truly progress as individuals until we make an honest effort to understand those that are not like 我们。”

For me, the “other side” consists of 特朗普选民, and this week I have started to gain a better understanding of them from listening to 罗素·布兰德在此视频中的评论或阅读 黄大卫的这篇文章. For you, the 其他 side might be liberals. The best post I’ve read this week that explains how liberals are feeling is 珍妮弗·博格特(Jennifer Borget).

But reading isn’t enough. This week, go to the nicest person you know who voted differently from you and ask if they’d be willing to talk for half an hour. Make it your goal to get a complete picture of 其 thinking. Don’t defend your position. Just listen.


Too many of us, myself included, keep our views quiet, letting the angriest, most extreme voices have all the airtime. We do this to keep the peace, but what we get instead is an inaccurate picture. We rob ourselves of the opportunity to learn from each 其他, to see that people with opposing views are all around us, and they’re not terrible people.




现在开始吧。 ♥


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    • I’很高兴您喜欢它,希瑟。感谢您抽出宝贵的时间写信!

    • 蒂娜 说:


        • 杰弗里·霍夫(Jeffery Hof) 说:

          Ma’am, I’一位32岁的军事经验丰富的人,获得了我的教育学硕士学位。我在研究论文中引用了您的许多见解和想法。他们极富洞察力,创新能力,并且最着重于学习体验。

          With that 说过, please know I wholeheartedly and without reservation voted for Donald J. Trump and supported him from the very beginning. So I’ve决定专注于从您的教育主题专业知识中学习,而忽略了您必须处理的个人政治问题。我爱你的8号。请放心,我从未在壁橱里支持过一个候选人,该候选人试图推翻旨在再次恢复法律和秩序的精英政治阶层。



  2. 卡伦 说:

    Thank you. This is exactly what would should be focusing on. The future looks scary, however, it will be less scary if can learn to count on each 其他.

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  8. 戴比 说:

    谢谢你的诚实。您已经按照提倡思想的方式表达了自己的思想。 -我习惯于仔细阅读许多新闻和信息资源,而解决方案通常在所有言论的中心位置运行。

    • 那’绝对是我的新目标之一,那就是跳出常规新闻来源。一世’我现在开始更清楚地看到自由主义的偏见’我试图看到它。我可以’t imagine that I’我会一直是福克斯新闻的粉丝,但是我’在我对看到的每个新闻报道做出反应之前,我肯定已经暂停了。最近几天一直在关注《国家评论》(基于Lona’的建议),尽管保守的偏见很明显,但写作很聪明,没有歇斯底里。一世’我肯定有兴趣寻找更多让我思考的保守资源。

      • 梅丽莎 说:

        I’我和你一起在这个珍妮佛身上!这次利用这种聪明的主意进行一些媒体素养/新闻构造分析。一世’读过比尔·克里斯托(Bill Kristol)’自选举以来的每周标准。试图移出我自己的回音室 …

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  10. 是的,所有这些。



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  13. 艾米·贝克·谢里丹 说:

    What a beautiful, 韩元derful post. Thank you.

  14. 苏珊·克拉克(Susan Clark) 说:


  15. 斯特拉顿 说:


    • 维吉尼亚州 说:

      I appreciate that you are acknowledging your difference of opinion respectfully and you have every right to remove yourself from her email lists. I too am a Christian, and feel that all lives matter. In the spirit of the post and learning about 其他s, I’d想进一步了解帖子中让您感到作者没有的内容’t share your views. As she 说过, I think it’了解问题的两面很重要。

    • 斯特拉顿
      I’很抱歉看到你走。我想我已经多次使用该站点作为平台,以表达我对老师如何对待学生,我们应该在课堂上使用的各种做法,甚至我们如何发音学生姓名的想法。有时我会很自以为是。在这种情况下,我’m advocating that we try to share our beliefs honestly and kindly, and that by engaging with each 其他 in this way, we’会一起成长,而不是分开成长。
      我希望你’ll be back someday.

  16. 迪基斯基 说:

    Well 说过. I usually find that if I respectfully ask poignant questions and ask for evidence of people who have opposing views, they often can’t justify 其 position. I also, go into every discussion hoping to learn one new thing, not with the intent of converting 其 position. Makes my interactions more pleasant and my integrity intact.

  17. 基米 说:


  18. 感谢您的鼓励康复和团结的良好意愿。我同意,我们需要帮助我们的孩子专注于积极–我们有福的政府形式,程序和赢与输的价值。是的,我们有很多资源可以教会年轻人和平讨论,而不是诉诸刑事骚乱和伤害好无辜公民的生命。传授真正的宽容是文化回应能力的基础,我们需要继续种植这种良好的种子,并通过我们的言语和榜样加以修饰。保持良好的工作!

  19. 苏珊 说:

    从壁橱出来吗?我因被称为恐怖名字而生病,因为我对与我工作的学校中的大多数事物有不同的看法。不幸的是,太多的人停止与之合作…or even talking with…他们决定的人不能接受,从而伤害了学生。这一周情况更糟。

    • 苏珊,你好
      我在这里能感受到你的无奈。听起来您在工作中要忠于自己真是太艰难了。我认为很多人都有同样的感觉。有些人会建议我们所有人保持沉默,避免有争议的话题。这肯定是“safe” response, but 我不’t know if it’是最健康的一种长期疗法。

  20. 吉姆·贝洛莫 说:


    我也很难参加这次选举,而我的朋友也觉得自己有“won” are not willing to understand where I am coming from. My feelings are NOT political. If any 其他 Republican candidate had been elected I would have 说过, “That’就是这样。我会支持他们,因为他们是总统” but Donald Trump is a bully. 那’这是我能想到的最简单的术语。作为总统,我们不能欺负他人。恶霸渴望权力。作为世界上最有权势的人,霸王是站不住脚的。我同意你所说的许多话,我相信我们必须向前迈进,但从这一刻起,我将竭尽全力鼓励他的弹his。如果他被指控的所有罪行和欺诈行为都确实出现,这很可能会发生。这个人,因为他是种族主义者,性别歧视,自恋,厌恶女权的欺凌者,永远不会成为我的总统。作为一生中最受欺负的人,这无法忍受。

    Friends have told me to suck it up. To live with it. To go on with my life. 那 things for me will be fine or at least tolerable. I truly believe that is what I would have been told as a citizen of Germany in 1936 when Adolph Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany. And we know how that turned out…也许我们已经忘记了。


    • 苏珊 说:


    • 吉姆(Jim),只要此处的讨论能够保持尊重,并且我们不沉迷于人道攻击,’m happy to approve all comments. I have quite a few liberal friends who have no interest in understanding the views of conservatives; they have made up 其 minds about the motivations of 特朗普选民 and are content to make sweeping generalizations, so that lack of effort in understanding can cut both ways. Still, what you say about having friends who aren’对您的感觉是否有效感兴趣。我认为最好的方法是努力去了解那些有不同观点的人 没有期望他们会做同样的回报。这很难做到–I don’不想让它听起来容易–但我认为这可能是取得进步的最有效的第一步。

    • 黛布拉 说:


  21. 感谢您的操作提示。厌恶地退缩和沸腾’t feel right; respectfully standing up and helping 其他s does feel right.

  22. 伊丽莎白 说:


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  24. 阿什利·梅斯(Ashley Mayes) 说:


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  26. 谢尔顿 说:


    I spent Wednesday in a middle school full of poor, migrant and 其他wise disenfranchised kids. They were traumatized and in shock by what had just happened – in 其 eyes, “to them”, not for them. Tears and fears abundant. One student 说过, “因此,请确保我理解。就像“Lord of the Rings”但是索伦赢了?应该很有趣。”

    我所能做的就是倾听并在场“my kids” and later 其 grown ups.


  27. 背风处 说:


  28. JT布洛克 说:

    The to-do list is 韩元derful. I also have been teaching students to search deeper than most current media sources. I am a minority where I live and have been threatened because of my views. Although I agree with almost all of your opinions of life, I disagree that government should be the ones to figure it out. I think that is where all educators have failed for several generations (myself included). Civics is not being taught, nor the importance of it. I am an American living in Canada on an First Nations Reserve. My students and 其 families truly are the product of putting trust into a government. I didn’即使我可以,也无论哪种方式都可以投票。
    Though we may be a little different, I think you make great points, some that have kept me 安全 and successful in the past.

  29. 玛尔塔 说:


  30. 一如既往!谢谢—您的工作确实令人鼓舞。不能 ’不能完全同意每一项建议。

  31. 卡伦Reedy 说:

    I agree with many of the suggestions that you have put in your post. I applaud your willingness to get to know the 其他 side. A friend approached me about getting to know my side (via 脸书 ) a few months back. I admit I didn’回复。处理方式(通过Facebook转发相反的文章,其结尾为“Let’s hear your story”) just didn’打击我的真实性。
    With that 说过, many voters did not feel 安全 to express 其 views prior to Tuesday. There was a lot of bullying towards Anti-Hillary voters. It was quite volatile wherever you looked. I loved that you referred to the 其他 side as “Trump voters”. According to many sources a majority of the 特朗普选民 were indeed not Trump-supporters. I also applaud your suggestion to start with people closest to you. However, maybe it would be best to start with people who are 安全st. I would also suggest having conversations with positive people, those who look for the best in humanity instead of the worst.

  32. 詹(Jen),您所说的大部分内容都可以应用到我们生活在一个社会中的领域,而在这个社会中,人们重视人,道德和正直使我们所有人都可以说和做。但是,您提到媒体偏见。媒体和新闻界因为对民主党的一面偏见而无视美国人民的现实而受到重击。谷歌这个标题,您将看到反射必须双向进行:‘纽约时报就选举报道发表道歉。’ Please do not assume that all teachers prefer one side over the 其他. My Wednesday was quite happy and I could share many reasons why it was such. I could also share a poll we took in our school in the 3rd grade and it was 80% for change–rather for Donald Trump. 那 means that those 3rd graders’父母在家里公开讲话;我们都知道三年级学生会模仿他们的父母’ beliefs.

    • 嗨,BL,

      至于我的语气,我绝对不是要暗示所有老师对选举结果都感到失望。我相信在几个地方,不管有人如何投票,我都会提供选择。当我谈到痛苦时’我收到朋友的来信& family, etc., I’我在谈论双方的困惑和痛苦。一世’我看到我的保守派朋友为被称为种族主义者和同性恋者而el之以鼻。一世’我谈论的是大选后双方现在正在发生的暴力行为,我可以 ’难以想象有人高兴。我的看法是,即使特朗普选民对选举结果感到满意,他们也不会’t thrilled by the fallout. 那’就是我指的是至于我在这篇文章的主体中提出的8点,我认为这将是任何人的行动–保守或自由–would want to take.

  33. 卡伦 说:

    嗯 …
    詹妮弗,我想你是在宣讲合唱团–您特别的合唱团。我认为通识教育的老师要停止通过镜头与每个不同意你的人是邪恶的,种族主义的,性别歧视的或愚蠢的镜头进行教学是非常困难的,而这个网站就是这种镜头的延续。我看到你在努力提出建议,以实现值得称赞的团结,但我认为 ’将需要做更多的工作来粉碎玻璃房。

    我观看了您提供的有关种族主义的视频以及所链接的站点,其中包括Black Lives Matter设计的教学计划,但我根本看不到这种平衡。我认为老师需要变得非常重要 –almost hyper-aware of 其 own politics and then become politic in the classroom. One has to truly research all of the angles and All of the media bias (from both sides) and then use that knowledge to better act as an emissary for all students. To be that teacher who can show empathy for all without bringing in 其 own platform is tough.

    • 嗨,凯伦,
      我当然绝不打算暗示每个不同意我的人都是邪恶的,种族主义的,性别歧视的或愚蠢的。实际上,我在上面引用的两个消息源(Russell Brand视频和Cracked片段)都恰好相反,如果左侧的人继续以这种方式来刻画右侧的人,他们将失去这一点。
      I 韩元der if you can show me where I referenced lesson plans created by BLM? 我不’在此帖子的任何地方都看不到BLM课程计划的参考,也没有在我链接到的社会正义资源中看到它。一世’m also curious what it was about the video on racism that you found unbalanced. I guess I am operating under the assumption that anyone, regardless of 其 political leanings, would want to know how to stand up to violence and harrassment. Am I wrong there? Is there another side I’m not considering?
      那 aside, I do want to add that although I attempted to reach out to all teachers, regardless of 其 vote, to find ways we can come together and heal, I was not attempting to take a neutral stance or disguise my own ideologies. I agree that being completely bias-free is difficult. What I’m advocating here is that we try harder to share our point of view in a way that does not insult or demean the 其他 side.

      • 卡伦 说:


        • 你好,我们又见面了。我发誓’我不是想让这变得困难,但是我去了 时事教室 that I linked to in the Social Justice post, and 我不’看不到这里的清单。

          无论如何,我确实找到了 BLM课程计划 由ADL创建。我认为它’s important to note that the ADL created this plan, not some representative of BLM. 如果你 look at the lesson plan, it introduces the movement in the same way that a history textbook might, then asks students to discuss 其 opinions about it. Moreover, the plan actually includes updates that mention factions of the movement that the ADL opposes. I’我看不到我提供这些资源的链接如何使您上述的观点永存。如果你’我仍然愿意继续在这里,您能告诉我更多有关为什么它看起来如此的信息吗?

  34. 凯特 说:



    As a former liberal myself, there is much I understand about why 其他s are currently upset and yet it disturbs me that so many appear to be failing to really think about what brought this to pass. Ironically, as I have aged and the world outside my door (yet feeding my TV and computer) became more liberal, I became more conservative. As this happened, I have also experienced the phenomenon of needing to withhold my now more conservative comments due to being shut down by those who do not share my viewpoints.

    为了什么’s worth, if you’re 韩元dering, I voted for a write-in because that’s what my own conscience dictated. Yet I will support and give our new president a chance because I believe that is what will help our country function the best. Thank you for helping open the doorway to true understanding and a willingness to work synergistically rather than remaining divided. As someone recently 说过, we truly are stronger together.

  35. 首先,我三十岁,我受过大学教育,是公立学校的老师,我投票支持特朗普。


    Second, for being a person of tolerance, you took a stance that the election was a tragedy. 那 the only democratic result that would have been acceptable would be a one person ticket for Clinton. What about the students who’父母和家人分享保守价值观,’的父母失去了从事海外贸易的工作,而他们的收入不是很高“affordable”卫生保健。我今年才被正式聘为教师,过去十五年来一直在私营部门工作。对于那些自从您离开大学以来一直担任教师的人,您在工作保障,固定工资增长和福利方面感到与世隔绝。 ACA通过后,我的保险公司将我投降,我被迫寻找价格更高的保险,并扣除了10,000美元。我的三口之家一年的收入不到45,000美元,只有两个收入,我们怎么能负担得起10,000美元的医疗费用并为此支付4,000美元“affordable”保险一起去吗?


    最后,除唐纳德·特朗普外,我还要感谢另一位共和党候选人参加投票。他永远不会是我的第一选择。但是,由于有最高法院大法官席位,而投票权落在了克林顿或他身上,我不得不为他的两个女儿选择他’是的我希望这种宽容和接受“said”自由主义者(如果不是支持生活,支持枪支,反对同性恋的婚姻,基督徒和共和党人的话)(但不一定是对不支持民主制度的人的暴力和破坏行为所证明的做法) 。

    • 苏珊 说:

      Well 说过.

    • 嗨,基亚
      您不是第一个提到我的帖子暗示选举结果是一场悲剧的人,所以我感到有必要澄清一下:我对上述痛苦和伤心欲绝的提法是关于我的余波’自从结果公布以来我一直在看。一世’m seeing friends and family on both sides in pain because of all the fighting and name-calling that has happened since the election. And I would also assume that everyone would be disturbed by all the violence and hate crimes that have occurred in the last week. 那’是我所指的痛苦。这并不是要对结果本身感到遗憾。我觉得很成问题的是我们真正不愿意做的事情’t understand each 其他.

      • 凯妮斯莉 说:


    • 德尼 说:


  36. 谢尔顿 说:


  37. 丽莎·克罗姆利 说:


  38. 黛安 说:


  39. 蜜雪儿 说:


  40. 艾米 说:

    珍妮佛 I have been a fan of yours for well over a year. I have to admit that, as a 壁橱共和党, I was a little nervous about reading this particular post and 韩元dered where you were going to head with it. I didn’不想对我们的选举结果感到失望。在阅读完之后,我不得不说,我更加尊重您!谢谢!!!

  41. Russell Brand和Cracked杂志是您关于“other side”? Really? 珍妮佛 if you want to understand the 其他 side, why not read some conservative writers, such as the excellent writer Kenneth D. Williamson. Do you ever read the National Review, Commentary, (magazines) or any conservative bl ogs like Hot Air, Ace of Spades, or Powerline? 您 may be surprised.

    • 罗娜,谢谢你的建议。一世’我不确定你是否看过罗素·布兰德(Russell Brand)’的视频或阅读了Cracked的文章,但它们确实确实以更积极的方式帮助重塑了我对保守派的看法。但是我承认,从非常自由的角度来看,两者显然都在解决这个问题。


  42. 月桂树 说:


    • 现在阅读。我明白你为什么喜欢他。
      到目前为止,这是我最喜欢的一行:“根据这种观点,曼哈顿和棕榈滩的唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)的个人风格使自由主义者看起来像丹尼·特雷乔(Danny Trejo),他将成为反同性恋大屠杀的重要催化剂。您可以为种族主义者和性别歧视者辩护-一个不错的选择-但反对同性恋吗?并不是的。”

  43. 奥黛丽 说:


    At the end of the day, as teachers, we are dedicated first and foremost to supporting our students as they learn how to navigate the world around them. On Wednesday morning, we woke up to a world in which many of our students no longer feel 安全 in or loved by U.S. society. To remain silent in the face of the statement sent by 特朗普选民 would be, implicitly, to condone the message. They need us to help them navigate the landscape of our society as it’s been rewritten.

    在这篇文章上写的人,他们不能容忍你的想法,因此将退订,背叛了特朗普选民的现实–they will ask for and demand understanding, but refuse to give it in return, not even for the sake of 其 students. To unsubscribe from such a helpful and supportive teaching website in light of your views is childish, arrogant, and self-serving.

    Keep speaking your truth. We need more people like you taking action to keep our schools 安全 for everyone.

  44. 完美!希望每个老师都读这个!

  45. 特里 说:

    很明显,你是其中之一“progressives” who wants teachers to use 其 classrooms to brainwash students in the direction of your political views as much as you can. I consider that reprehensible. Teach your subject matter well, no one appointed you to be a legislator, or a psychologist, or a social engineer, or a priest. 如果你 want to be a social activist, leave the kids out of it, they aren’给你的孩子们。和唐’尝试声称您的目标不是’t because you can’事实证明克林顿输掉了这次选举。

  46. 苏珊娜 说:

    感谢您写的这篇文章写得很好,它适时地提醒了我们必须意识到我们自己对问题的二元思维和观点的必要性。感到不舒服“challenge” your views and beliefs by being open to understanding those of 其他s when they are not in line with your own, but so important. It’不是关于同意而是关于接受。只有这样,前进中才能有任何进展。最重要的是,在这个星球上,没有他们,只有我们,只有我们所有人。

  47. 嘉莉 说:

    Thank you for a proactive voice for positive change and acceptance. Everyone, regardless of 其 political position, should be able to take one step forward. Once moving forward, we can start to focus on where those steps are taking us, hopefully, at some point in the near future, the steps forward will take us all to the same destination –接受并拥抱我们的多样性。

  48. Sorry to keep banging away at this, but you 说过, “努力了解与您的观点不同的人”然后您将我们指向标题为“王牌。对。好的,世界’s gone nuts”和一篇标题为:”美国一半人失去了自己的王牌思想。” And you’担心你的努力’已经了解了‘other’可能被您的同龄人视为默认或更糟的同意?那对您的同龄人要求的意识形态整合有什么看法?和你的世界观的居高临下?

    • 点好了。我坚持认为,视频和《破裂的文章》都以积极的方式极大地改变了我的思想,朝着保守的观点发展。毫无疑问,这些头衔对保守派来说是冒犯性的,老实说,我当时’当我链接到标题时,并没有真正考虑标题,而是标题中的消息。我认为当一个人伸出手去“their” people (as Russell brand and David Wong clearly are in these pieces), they use language that will draw that audience in and get 其 attention. But in both cases, the pieces are quite sympathetic to the conservative point of view. I will check out Williamson.

  49. 萨莉·登博(Sally Denbeaux) 说:


  50. 克里斯蒂·奈顿(Kirstie Knighton) 说:


  51. 〜Late〜 说:


  52. 唐·贾尼尼 说:

    全国所有的老师都应该阅读这个特殊的帖子,因为您建议我们研究的主题涵盖有关自由,正义以及发展为该国公民的明智,批判性观点的许多不同方面。确实,我们不应该’t do any less for our children. Teaching them the skills to help them understand different perspectives, how to disagree respectfully, and to develop a critical eye about sources are necessary in a democracy. We will never all agree with each 其他 on all issues, but there are some standards of human decency that we should work from and model for our children (and some adults). I applaud and deeply respect what you are trying to do here.
    但是,在最后的情况下,我们回到正义,自由,民主的问题上,而当我们不这样做时,这会对我们的社区造成什么影响’t treat each 其他 with human decency. When we dehumanize 其他s, we also dehumanize ourselves. When we belittle 其他s concerns, we are in fact making ourselves less. When we hold each 其他 in a 安全 and respectful space, we can begin to hear each 其他’深切关注,并朝着共同的方向努力,但我们必须知道,有时这将是困难而又不舒服的。我衷心希望,我们中有足够的人选择人类礼仪的方式,为我们在这个国家和这个星球上的共同空间带来积极的变化。

  53. 琼·海恩斯 说:

    我坚信,作为美国人,我们需要利用言论自由权来谈论什么’s happening in our nation. Thank you so much for writing your thoughts and encouraging all of your readers to be our best selves. I especially appreciated your suggesting that we continue to emphasize relationships among students and teachers and that we need to listen rather than clam up or yell. We need to respectfully understand each 其他.

  54. 认证机构 说:

    我特别欣赏第4节“Teach Media Literacy”. It’对于学生来说,了解他们作为公民从各种来源收集事实的责任非常重要,这样他们才能对影响我们所有人的问题有更全面的了解。而且,不幸的是,他们需要学习“follow the money”。谁资助媒体?还是媒体真正关心展示重要问题的各个方面? WHO’资助抗议活动,匹配的标志以及抗议者的骚扰?或者,他们真的是有关公民的自然起义吗?看到大局需要花费时间和精力。加入人群并吟诵咒语要容易得多。谢谢珍妮佛。

    • It’如此容易看到公司中的偏见和公司影响“opposing side’s” media. A heck of a lot harder to see it in your own. 那’s what I’m struggling with this week. Teaching our students how to ask the questions and slow 其 responses is a great step toward building a more informed next generation.

  55. 简·智慧 说:

    另一个出色的媒体素养网站是Frank Baker’的媒体扫盲中心(http://frankwbaker.com/)并考虑加入“制作流行课程”,该课程可帮助教师与每个内容领域建立真实的联系(http://mcpopmb.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network)

  56. 马克·安德鲁斯 说:


  57. 卡伦 说:


  58. 我只想说谢谢您发布该Cracked博客文章–它实际上使我流下了眼泪。语言太糟糕了,我’m sure 我不’在政治上与他同意,但上周我最大的担忧是,如何让六千万个美丽,聪明,聪明的人能想到另外六千万个美丽,聪明,聪明的人就完全没有根据并致力于美国的毁灭。我没有’不投票给特朗普,我没有’投票给希拉里(我很自豪地投票给埃文·麦克马伦)。一世’我对整个选举感到反感,但我相信我们的国家,我不’t believe we’重新走向灾难或者本来如果希拉里当选过。我们有很多制衡手段,很多人爱我们的国家,还有很多人爱我们的国家。“other” and know there is 其他 in all of 我们。 So anything that says hey- the 其他 60 million maybe had solid reasons for doing what they did, too, and maybe if we listen to each 其他 we’我会有更大的机会治愈和改善双方的问题,我’我为那个声音欢呼和哭泣。因为哦,我的话,我对这个信息感到厌倦“Aren’他们只是一群无知,愤怒,粗暴,诅咒,随地吐痰的亚人类吗?” I didn’不会投票给特朗普,但我坚信任何谈话我’我将要与我的进步教育同伴们交往,最后我得到了我潜入他们心中的那种观点。因为我’m not heard as a woman who knows the evangelical community is doing so little to care for the smallest and most in crisis but who champions the right of an unborn baby to live above any 其他 right. Because I’作为一个女人,她没有看到过这样的女人,她看到每种肤色,我的同性恋朋友以及额头上刻有纹身的人都发现了上帝的形象,但看到自由的人却从上帝的形象中脱颖而出’不想让文化大革命确切地选择他们可以和不能在面包店蛋糕上写下的信息。因为我’我不被视为听空军兄弟的女人’人们担心当人们对军事机密而变得草时会发生什么,或者担心当领导人过于谨慎而无法采取军事行动时,阿勒颇的孩子会发生什么。不,我’m just an “无知,愤怒,粗暴,诅咒,随地吐痰的超人,” and I’m so tired of it.
    Thank you for calling us to hear the voices of the 其他 60 million.

    • 萨拉·伊丽莎白,我’我很荣幸在我的网站上有这些漂亮的词。我们在很多事情上的感觉非常相似,而您表达得非常好。我认为我最喜欢的是:“There is 其他 in all of 我们。”如果我们都可以考虑这一点,那么可以完成很多工作。继续说。我们需要像您一样的声音。

  59. 德布博士 说:


  60. 凯尔西 说:

    非常感谢您的想法。我常常觉得“blue dot”在一个非常红的县(和学区)的中间,但是我意识到有时我太快就得出关于朋友和同事在政治和社会领域所担任的职务的结论。

    It truly does begin with education, with learning empathy, and with having open and honest conversations. The more we stereotype 其他s and box people in, no matter the label, that is where true growth and healing are cut short. Thank you so much for taking a stand and for helping to give voice to what I had been feeling this week in my own heart.

    • 凯尔西,我也是一个蓝点。我想随时都可以’该地区的大多数人’与多数人保持沉默保持一致,这使得多数人似乎更加普遍。我希望我们都能–保守派社区中的自由派和自由派社区中的保守派–分享我们的真实想法更加勇敢。我们可能会发现我们并不是唯一的人。

  61. 说:

    我已经开始并取消了一些回复…而且我不确定应该如何最好地答复。感谢您对教育工作者可以做什么的评论,但实际上,当我经过校园里的教室时,我听到了更多“NOT MY PRESIDENT” and “KEEP FIGHTING”比我所做的要讲的要多得多,有关学生如何以积极和统一的方式前进。教育工作者负有建立团结而不是进一步分裂我们社会的巨大责任。向同龄人发出呼吁,成为一个成年人,并成为观察者的积极榜样。借此机会教我们的学生一些勇气…知道事情不做时该怎么办’t go 其 way. We owe them that!

  62. 凯文·戴维斯 说:

    这是一个很好的资源,可以教给学生有关地方和州政府的知识,并让他们参与其中: http://www.civiced.org/pc-program


  63. 说:

    I’ve been following your bl og and podcasts for years. I always greatly appreciate the resources you share, and the way you encourage 其他s to tell 其 story. I’对不起,在您勇敢地在这里分享了很多关于自己的信息之后,有些人感到需要变得消极。谢谢你所做的事。

  64. 克里斯汀 说:

    我已经是教育学信奉者,已经有两年多了,我打算申请您最近发布的职位之一。今天读过’的帖子,我很遗憾我没有’遵循决定–您与追随者分享的内容给我留下了深刻的印象。感谢您在许多’t have the words, the courage or the platform to do so and for providing the resources for 其他s to grow in this regard.

  65. 法比安娜 说:

    I’我被你的话打动了!这是我所谓的正面回应,’不会按照我们想要的方式发生… I’m来自巴西,我们’在这里生活过非常相似的分裂气氛…人们每天都在传递信息,受到媒体的影响,他们每天都在我们的时间表上胡扯…非常感谢您的建议,我’会把它们传给我的同伴们!你真是个勇敢善良的人!

  66. 珍妮,感谢您有勇气写这篇文章。我非常感谢您的意见和建议。

  67. 仁M. 说:


    • 喂仁

      这是我唯一打算解决选举的问题。如果我在这里不理会的话,我会感觉就像是在把头扎在沙子里。以与我定期钻研类似的方式 建立关系, 社会正义问题文化能力, I felt that because this issue is so relevant to so many people, it will impact how well our classrooms function. I also see a lot of people fighting, name-calling, and doing everything BUT having rational conversations with each 其他. It’从工作中释放人们的情感是非常困难的,因此,当我看到这种动荡时,我想尽我所能以健康的方式解决它,这样我们就可以使它成为一个可教导的时刻。

  68. 考特尼·穆斯塔法 说:


  69. 丽莎·哈默尔 说:


  70. 克里斯·塞隆 说:


  71. 说:

    仁,你好,我知道’ll return to your 文章 many times, when I need a compass. Really 韩元derful to hear your thoughts and I think you’我们精心蒸馏了我们需要做的事情。最后呢’s the daily ways we relate and listen to each 其他 that determines things 和can change things, for the better. Found Russel brand’的视频很有趣。他’事情很漂亮’他!非常感谢,赞

  72. 约翰·曼尼克 说:

    您好,我是伊利诺伊大学数学中学教育课程的学生,为春季学期的学生教学做准备。我要感谢你的这篇文章。感谢您的想法和提供的资源。我对选举结果的反应是震惊和被打乱的,但据我了解,很多人,包括我的一些同行已经关闭基于对他们的安全担心并非杞人忧天的一些当选总统特朗普’的言论。我开始考虑如果我已经在教书,并且可能让学生有很多相同的感受,激动的情绪或综合的感受,该怎么办。我只是忽略结果还是发表声明?什么是正确和适当的?一世’m glad that I didn’实际上不必做出决定,但是现在我认为在阅读您的帖子后我会有一个更好的主意,非常感谢。我的一个问题是关于“从壁橱里出来”点。我了解这更适合与同龄人和家人互动,但我们可以并且应该与学生分享多少?我将不胜感激与此有关的任何想法或经验。谢谢!

  73. 阿玛利亚 说:

    When I first started reading this 文章 , my first thought was that I wish I had come across it sooner. One of my first thoughts when I realized what the election results would be was wanting a past teacher of mine to explain to me how this happened. Immediately after, I was thankful that I wasn’t a classroom teacher yet because I didn’t feel prepared to handle this situation with my own students. Even though I’ve come across this 文章 a little late, it still provided some much needed thoughtfulness and positivity. I think the steps you’ve outlined for moving forward speak a lot about how teachers are responsible for so much more than teaching content. It made me think of the great teachers I had that inspired me to become a teacher and it made me hopeful that I could be that person for my own future students. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and the wisdom of 其他s whose posts you linked.

  74. 塔拉 说:

    我教政府,发现让孩子思考当地政治的好方法是:a)找到激励他们参加市议会或校务委员会会议的方法,然后让他们通过一个项目来处理经验并分享他们’ve learned with 其 peers, and b) have local elected officials come in to talk with them. School Board members and City Council members have come to my classes to speak, and the kids have had great conversations with them. However, I would say that the most eye-opening experiences for them have been going to public meetings. Thanks for the 文章 !

  75. 科琳 说:

    作为一个长期的学习者和25年的基础教育者,当我发现这样的博客得到肯定和放心时,我感到非常幸运,并使我感到这个世界将会变得更好。…尽管在线教学可以减少一周内阅读博客的个人时间-我们在一起– be a nation of people who care about each 其他 and want to work together to better ourselves and our country. Bravo 珍妮佛 .


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